Mounir Bellessiq

Mounir Bellessiq

Hello, I am Mounir Bellessiq, AIBQ certified building inspector at ON INSPECTE INC. I am originally from Morocco, where I obtained my first degree in electrical engineering. Arrived here in 2013 as a foreign student, I did a DEC in industrial electronics, a step that marked my knowledge, my know-how. This is thanks to my dear sister, Caid Houria from Safi, who is by the way known in Morocco for her dedication to work. She helped my parents to cover the costs of my studies and supported me during all these years to overcome difficulties.

After obtaining my DEC, it was difficult for me to enter the job market, as I did not have the same rights and benefits as a permanent resident. To gain experience in Quebec, I took jobs outside my field of expertise, notably in general labour, then as a grocery store clerk and in housekeeping. This was a period of reflection and personal growth. These experiences improved my skills, even my autonomy, my sense of responsibility and concern for quality. While working in housekeeping, I did disaster maintenance, and since I am first and foremost a technician, I started doing disaster renovation and discovered the Quebec construction field, whose wood-frame construction methods fascinated me. I believe that knowledge is power, which is why I went back to school to study building inspection techniques. I obtained my diploma and passed the theoretical and practical exams to become a member of the AIBQ and hold an errors and omissions insurance. Today, I am Canadian and I do a job that I love and that I am very proud of. All of this is thanks to a lot of patience and perseverance.

At the time, I had a good knowledge of building, I knew the standards and could interpret the laws of the building code, but I did not have the experience, or even the methodology and mastery of the inspection process to go ahead with the required examinations. I then started looking for a job as a building inspector and the firm ON INSPECTE, with Mr. Stevens Sarazin and Mr. Jean-Philippe Hippolyte, gave me the opportunity to acquire the necessary experience to pass the exams of the AIBQ in order to work in my field. In fact, within the company, I learned that the inspection is not only a technical verification of the building, but a work philosophy. It is an accompaniment of the customer from the moment he asks for an appointment for inspection until the end of the sale transaction, because we are aware that it is a very important investment and that the deadlines are often short, so it is both a moment of joy and anticipation.

Our primary mandate is to protect our client, to reassure him when the problem is not worrisome and to warn him when it is, to answer his questions and to give recommendations and advice to maintain his property and keep all its components. We provide a detailed, organized, easy to read technical report and answer your questions.

I look forward to meeting and serving you.