Pre-sale inspection or health check

Property inspections are important. Just like pre-purchase inspections, home inspections are also available to sellers. A pre-sale inspection, performed by a qualified inspector, will give you peace of mind by investing in a thorough inspection before you put your property on the market. The purpose of the inspection is to inform you of the condition of your property so that you can disclose its overall condition to potential buyers. It is important that the inspector has access to several areas of the property to be able to evaluate them properly. If possible, the inspector will need access to areas that are a little more precarious such as the roof, basement, plumbing and even the electrical system. The inspector will give you all the necessary information on the inspected elements; such as, the foundation, insulation, ventilation, heating and air conditioning, and much more.

Pre-purchase inspections will help you find solutions for your property, if certain problems are visible during the inspection, which in the end, could guarantee a profitable sale following their maintenance or repair. The buyer’s peace of mind is a priority and in order to help you inform the buyer of the condition of your property, an inspection report will be given to you.

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