A home inspection is first and foremost a health check of your home and should never be an option before buying a property. It is most important to deal with professionals like Oninspect. An inspection is the most effective way to learn about the physical condition of a building and its components.

By doing a complete and personalized inspection, it will be much easier for us to give you a fully detailed report that will allow you to better understand your property. We proceed in the same way and with the same rigour if you wish to acquire a residence. Our home inspection experts will inform you of the potential work to be done and give you the best advice to keep your property’s charm.

Don’t forget that buying a house will be one of the biggest investments of your life, so it is very important to plan this purchase well, to know its true value and especially the possible work to come, and this in all transparency. It is a priority for peace of mind and your family will be very grateful.

Our experts have the experience and know-how to inspect all residential properties. You don’t want your dream to turn into a nightmare so deal with our certified inspectors. They will be able to detect the slightest anomalies and give you the best advice for your peace of mind.

Because we inspect more than just a building. We inspect your living environment.